This listing covers two model RK-42 "Ironman" crossed roller bearing slides manufactured by Automation Gages, Inc., later known as AG Slides Inc., and which has now been absorbed by Quality Vision International so that these slides are evidently no longer being manufactured.

UPDATE: After I originally listed these stages, I found that I also had an AG Slides product catalog, now pictured here. This 26 page catalog includes 5 pages of technical information. This technical information includes details of AG Slides disassembly and re-assembly procedures, 1 page each for both ball and roller slides. The catalog is dated 1/96 and also includes an OEM price list dated 6-97. I will include this catalog with the shipment if you buy BOTH of the slides that I am offering here. I will not sell the catalog separately until and unless both of these slides sell individually to separate buyers.

The RK-42 offers a full 2 inch travel in a very compact package, approximately 3.8 inches long (when not extended) by 1.6 inches wide. These slides are constructed of steel and cast iron; thus they have a large load capacity for their size.

A data sheet for these slides is no longer available, but I did find this:

AG Slides offers Ironman roller slides for carrying increased loads and withstanding higher cycle rates. These slides feature partially flatted steel rods, 90 degree rotated rollers, and an exclusive/easy to use US patented wedge adjustment. Model RK-42 Ironman roller slides have 2" travel ratings, 45 lb loads, 0.0001" accuracies, and 0.00005" repeatability ratings. They are constructed from steel and cast iron materials.

AG Slides, formed in 1956, offers a full line of linear motion components and engineering services for the design and manufacture of precision ball and roller slides for the OEM and design engineering markets. Products include ball slides, roller slides and stages.

These particular slides, my serial numbers 0013A and 0013B, have been characterized for angular deviation over their working range using an electronic autocollimator. Test reports are available at:




Note that these results show that these slides are at least as good, over 1 inch of travel, as are the specifications for the highest precision 1 inch travel slides currently sold by other companies, and those slides are only available in 1 inch travel.

A simplified mechanical drawing for these slides is available at::

In this regard, the tapped holes in the top of the slide are 8-32, and the clearance holes and counterbore in the base are also for 8-32.

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There are photos of both of these slides included with this listing; however if you buy only one slide, you will receive only one of these. If you are the first to buy, you can choose which one you will get, if you want.

Questions are welcomed.  I'm not offering a return, so be sure to carefully examine the test results, and ask questions! More information on the tests can be provided.

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